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The help government gave businesses should be applauded

17 September, 2021

Ruby Violet owner Julie Fisher at the ice cream parlour in Fortess Road, Tufnell Park

• I WAS sad to read that a local ice cream parlour, Ruby Violet, was to stop trading due to increased costs and effects of Covid, (Hit ice cream parlour says it will not reopen, September 9).

As a trader running a shop with my wife, quite close to Ruby Violet’s shop, I am well aware of the difficult economic times we live in and the financial pressures and strains that lockdowns, due to the pandemic, have put on small businesses in our area.

However I was surprised and confused to read in the article that the owner states that they received “…no help during the pandemic”. That is contrary to our experiences.

Along with the furlough scheme, which allowed us to continue employing three members of staff, we also received government grants which allowed us to keep the business running through the lockdown period.

The help we received from the government and Islington Council was quite generous and efficiently managed in a way that we were able to keep paying our creditors and not fall behind with payments. The bounce-back loan has furthermore helped us to invest in the business for the future.

I know not all businesses were able to avail themselves of government financial help due to not meeting all the requirements laid down; but businesses like ours were.

The help government has provided to businesses is one thing that should be applauded, even if other aspects of their handling of the pandemic may be in question.



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