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Help modern victims of slavery

25 June, 2020

• HUGE concern has been raised about statues of people involved in slavery centuries ago and places named after them.

Public monuments have been vandalised and many organisations seem desperate to find someone to remove in some way.

I don’t understand why the very large numbers of people willing to go to a great deal of trouble to campaign about all this seem utterly unconcerned about something which really should shame us who are alive today. Modern slavery.

There are said to be more slaves in the world now than at any time in history because of population increase.

Any money raised by the above campaigning in the form of reparations or donations should surely go to help the victims of slavery alive today.

Britain had a proud record of suppressing the slave trade in the 19th century and at huge expense. It would be good if we might repeat this in the 21st century.



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