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High Court’s message is good news for XR

15 November, 2019

Extinction Rebellion campaigners at the Business Design Centre in Angel 

• SO the High Court has ruled that the section 14 order banning the Extinction Rebellion protest in October was unlawful.

This is an important victory not just for XR but for protest rights across the UK. The police action was, according to Amnesty International, “grossly disproportionate and undermined people’s fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly”.

In this case the police have abused their authority, even to the point of targeting disabled protesters. However, there is a long tradition of protest in Britain and XR will not be the last.

This judgment makes sure that we can all continue to speak the truth together and stand against injustice. But none of us wanted to be on the streets.

Let’s imagine a world where the government saved the money on policing XR protests and told the truth and publicised the science and asked you and me how we should deal with this man-made global extinction.

Imagine a world in which the government doesn’t fund fracking in Argentina, or where international banks don’t fund fossil fuel expansion to the tune of $1,900,000,000,000 over three years.

Imagine a world where our children don’t have to plead for their futures in front of the Town Hall on a school strike. Imagine a world where 1,700 people don’t need to be arrested in an attempt to save life on Earth.

Islington XR


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