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Highbury Corner now even more dangerous

24 May, 2019

St Paul’s Road crossing

• I COULD not agree more with the points Greg Clough makes, (Do they care about lives of pedestrians using Highbury Corner crossing? May 17).

I travel through the Highbury area three or four times a week, using the new crossing outside the Hen and Chickens theatre pub on the corner of St Paul’s Road.

Several times I have gone to cross there and the lights have been green for pedestrians and road traffic has still been coming down from Holloway Road so you have to weave yourself in and out of traffic.

There was a lot of correspondence in the Tribune broadly against this so-called revamp of the then roundabout at Highbury Corner. The so-called experts said it would all be nice and rosy when it is finished.

I also read in Mr Clough’s letter that last Friday a student was struck by a vehicle in Canonbury Road and almost killed. The ambulance was unable to get through the ram-packed traffic in that road.

A nice photo was published soon after the new road layout was opened after Easter, showing hardly any traffic. The truth is somewhat different. I do voluntary work in the charity shop at Highbury Corner and on a shift from 2pm until 6pm traffic going past in both directions is almost non-stop.

Also, traffic coming down St Paul’s Road towards Highbury is often tailed back past Highbury Grove to the bend in the road near Harcourt Road. I hate to think how the emergency services get through.

It appears that these so-called experts who design these changes don’t think the consequences through. I also understand that there is a traffic tailback down Holloway Road as far back as the public library and a similar tailback down Canonbury Road and Upper Street.

It is to be hoped we will not have to wait until bodies start piling up before the powers-that-be – the council and Transport for London/Mayor of London – realise that this is and will be a dangerous area, even more so than it was before.

And why anybody would want to sit in the greenery of what remains of the roundabout and breathe all that lovely polluted air I don’t know.

It is much cleaner and quieter to go a few yards or so to Highbury Fields, where it is more peaceful and there is hardly any traffic. But then that is too sensible a thing to do.




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