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Highgate Newtown Community Centre is highly successful

03 May, 2018

• HIGHGATE Newtown Community Centre (HNCC) is a highly successful community centre ambitiously expanding the scope and reach of its services into both our local community and neighbouring Islington.

This has been achieved by our director’s enterprising fund-raising, support from the board and the recent employment of a new youth and an over-75s head of service.

We deplore recent claims circulated locally by some of the so-called Friends of HNCC wrongly suggesting, for example, that services are reducing, and that despite successful fundraising we do not even pay the London living wage.

If they had checked with HNCC before issuing such statements they would have learned that these claims are untrue.

The Camden review of the redevelopment at Bertram Street of our centre has not prevented us from proactively planning and offering much-needed services at five other local venues. These include lunches at these venues and an under-5s nursery at Hargrave Hall.

Despite the misleading material about us we are proud to be less reliant on public monies through our successful fund-raising efforts and to pay all our staff more than the London living wage.

With community support we continue explore initiatives; for example providing a base for the north Camden and Islington community police at Bertram Street. Good news indeed!

Chair, HNCC


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