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Highgate wallaby to be remembered with Pond Square statue

Marsupial won hearts of animal lovers in 2013 – before dying

01 April, 2021 — By Geoff Sawyer

How the statue will look

IT is the leafy village which a cast of famous writers, artists and actors have decided to call home over the years – every other property seems to be decorated with a blue plaque. But it was revealed this week that a slightly furrier former Highgate resident is set to get the honour of being the first to be immortalised with a statue.

Plans for a 12ft towering sculpture of “Jean”, a runaway wallaby who famously won the hearts of animal lovers when she appeared in the streets in 2013, are to be submitted to the Town Hall by the Australian High Commission which wants a lasting memorial. Pond Square has been chosen as the preferred location.

Jean, the Highgate wallaby, in 2013

The roaming wallaby met a tragic end after being found injured in a school playground and was later put to sleep – but there have been campaigns ever since to honour her time in the village, when she was lovingly chased by people with mobile phone cameras shouting: “There’s a kangaroo!”

A small plaque will read: “Wallaby, we miss thee.”

Graeme Fisher, from the High Commission, added: “We’ve done the research into the back story and this isn’t something where years later we find out that Jean wasn’t a hero after all. “She seems legit.”

He added: “We’ve been told that Pond Square hasn’t changed for a hundred years and all people have are fancy lampposts to have selfies with. This aims to change that.”

Council planners will be surveying opinions of residents over the next six weeks.


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