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Holiday cocktails and where to find them

06 November, 2017

Nothing gets spirits higher than the thought of sipping a delicious cocktail under the sun. It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a Mojito in Cuba, or a Margarita on the sandy beaches of Mexico with the arrival of the winter months. Some holiday happiness seems like a really good idea right now!

There’s a cocktail for every destination and naturally, we want to try them all. Many drinks have been created in specific locations, and have found fame through the herds of tourists that visit their hometowns.

Drinks are an important part of discovering everything a country has to offer, and at this time of year, Brits start booking their winter breaks in search of new adventures. Online travel agent, Travel Republic has released a unique cocktail themed travel guide for the most popular destinations if the choice is just too much for you…

Covering beach and city breaks, the guide explores interesting facts about cocktails and which ingredients are used to perfect them.

For example,

  • Mount Gay rum was made in 1703 in Barbados and is the oldest rum in the world. It wasn’t used in a cocktail until 1806 and the distillery is a popular tourist attraction, located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.
  • The Espresso Martini was first created in the late 1980’s by London bartender Dick Bradsell. According to Bradsell, he was asked by a famous model to create her something that would wake her up. Its primary ingredients are Vodka, Kahlua and Espresso.
  • The Bellini was created in Harry’s Bar in Venice sometime between 1934 and 1948. The name originates from the cocktails colour being reminiscent to the toga of saint Giovanni Bellini.Its primary ingredients are Prosecco and Peach Puree.

The guide also includes recommendations for the best places to visit from bloggers who are experts in the destination.

Vicky Philpott from ‘Vicky Flip Flop Travels ‘shared her recommendation for the best place to have a Mojito in Cuba, “Drinking Havana Club Mojitos in Havana, Cuba, was an absolute dream of mine. I enjoyed my first (of quite a few) at La Bodeguita, Hemingway’s favourite spot. Sitting at the old bar, listening to the live music and imagining him doing the same years ago made the Mojito taste even better!”

The guide also details how Mojitos were created for medicinal purposes in the 1500s as a cure for pirates suffering from scurvy. And how the cocktail has grown in popularity since 2002 due to its appearance in the James Bond film, Die Another Day.

Take a look at the “Cocktail Guide” here –


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