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Hopes of reprieve for landmark school tree

Broadcasters Dame Jenny Abramsky and Justin Rowlatt are trying to save soaring cedar

06 April, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

A SOARING cedar tree in the grounds of a Dartmouth Park school could win a stay of execution – after the school agreed to have a second opinion on its health.

The tree, in the grounds of La Sainte Union, had been due to be chopped down after a branch came off during the recent Storm Doris.

But neighbours, including Dame Jenny Abramsky, chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, and BBC correspondent Justin Rowlatt, have asked tree surgeon Simon Causer for a second opinion. They want to see if the tree can be made safe with careful maintenance instead of being removed.

Mr Rowlatt said: “This is excellent news.”

In an email to neighbours, school operations director Neil Iles said: “We do not want to fully remove the tree unless absolutely essential and we need to await Camden’s response to the request submitted.”

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