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Hopes to end school exclusions heading in the right direction

18 December, 2020 — By John Gulliver

IF you work on the assumption that one exclusion of a child from school is one too many then Camden’s schools appear to be going in the right direction.

It wasn’t always so. Several years ago, the graphs moved upwards as more children appear to be excluded from schools.

But then – especially after the New Journal began to suggest reforms were necessary – things began to look up.

Fewer exclusions took place, and a special panel was set up by the children’s committee to probe the problem.

A report this week by the children’s committee shows that Camden had fewer exclusions last year than the previous year.

Fortunately, the report isn’t smug. It recognises the problem exacerbated by government cuts in education for the past 10 years – something which has to be recognised by reformers.

Slowly, standards of education, in every province, have moved forward.

But more needs to be done. Children are our future. A distorted life at school, poor educational standards, poor teaching methods, poor understanding of a child’s mind, all of this leads to failure in adult life – often a dysfunctional life, at worst a life of violence and criminality.

Hints of this drop in and out of the report by the children’s committee and are to be commended.

They are positive signs that smugness has no part to play in our children’s education.


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