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Housing estate’s lost the way on our estate

17 March, 2017

• PEABODY is one of the biggest housing associations and making major profits.

Peabody took over the Cumberland Market estate, Regent’s Park, in 2011.

We used to complain about the Crown Estate when they were our landlords but I believe they were much more efficient than Peabody.

The repair service is awful, the general cleaning on the estate is terrible and as for our wardens patrolling the estate, well they are invisible.

They send people from the head office telling us how they are going to improve the service but there is still no change.

The cleaning was going to be marvellous. They had well trained cleaners coming, we were told, and that was last June.

They must have taken the wrong turning and lost their way.

The one thing Peabody are good at is putting the rents up like most landlords these days; nobody cares any more.

As long as you pay your rent the service is unimportant to them.



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