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How about a disaster appeal!

27 March, 2020

• WHY hasn’t a charity helpline number for people to donate to been announced yet?

A helpline number can be set up straight away when there has been a cyclone, earthquake or some other disaster. So why hasn’t that been set up yet?

Everyone could donate anonymously how much they wish to donate to the fund from the mega-rich to the very poorest in our society.

In the same way as we regularly have Sports Aid and Child Aid fund raisers on our televisions, people in our country do have hearts and will donate to a cause that is important.

With workers who are on zero-hour contracts and the self-employed not having any income guaranteed at the moment I’m sure a helpline like this could go a long way to help those in some way.

There are so many areas where extra cash is vitally needed. Extra money is obviously around as we saw last weekend when billions of extra pounds were spent while panic buying.

All filming on soaps has been suspended so there are plenty of television slots on all channels available for a half-hour programme about the helpline to be aired.

Celebrities can always put on an appeal by Skype to encourage people to donate just like they always have when aid lines have been set up.

The sooner this gets going the sooner we can help our own people in this crisis.

Theseus Walk, N1


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