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How did technology change the bingo industry?

20 April, 2018

Take a journey with me into the world of bingo.

Join me as I uncover the path that bingo as a game has taken, from the initial beginnings of land-based bingo halls to the ever-popular online bingo found nowadays.

All in all, bingo as a game has gone through many facelifts, due to the many technological advancements within the gaming industry. As far back as 2010, it has been documented by various strategists and statisticians that the online gaming industry is on a fast trajectory to overtake land-based alternatives, and will only continue to increase accordingly.

It is also a well-documented fact that the mobile gaming industry is even more popular these days, with stats pointing toward even greater popularity in the years to come.

Bingo developers and providers are increasingly finding the need to create gaming solutions in order to bring the game of bingo to the igaming world via
online and mobile bingo sites like mFortune.

Initially, bingo playing only held a minuscule percentage of the overall gameplay that occurred at any given online gaming portal, which is believed in part to be directly related to the previously bingo-related age demographic stereotype.

The thought is that due to the fact that most bingo game players were of the older generation and are not quite accustomed to conducting their bingo gameplay in a virtual, environment has meant that these players remained playing in their usual bingo spots.

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the digital era we are now living in, it is clear to see that many industries the world over have indeed been impacted by these technological advances and digital presence all throughout.

The bingo gaming sector is by no means exempt from this and has seen quite a few drastic changes, thanks to the advancements the igaming industry has seen and implemented over the past few years.

Given the nature of the igaming industry, where every game player is able to gain direct access to a world of gaming, via their desktop computer or even their mobile devices, has definitely changed the face of the gaming industry, in particular, the casino and bingo industry.

Previously, land-based bingo halls would have incurred some travel costs to get to their bingo game playing destination.

The fact that the various bingo-playing venues are situated in specific, designated areas, may even mean a good few hours’ travel for some players in order for them to get there.

There is also the fact that at the traditional bingo halls, there is generally only one type of bingo game on offer to players, leaving zero capacity for the level of bingo gameplay varieties that are offered at online bingo gaming sites.

Now that bingo players are given the option of being able to play online means that each bingo player can choose to play just about anywhere they choose to, anytime – in fact just about everywhere.

The rewards offered at online bingo sites tend to be a regular occurrence, where players are offered many varying promotions and bonus deals to take up while playing their bingo game.

There are also literally hundreds upon hundreds of bingo game variants available to players, all of which are literally available at a click of a button, or a mere swipe of the smartphone screen.

All in all, bingo players these days are given a wide berth when it comes to optimizing their bingo gameplay, seeing as though there is no having to wait for the bingo game to begin, or waiting for bingo day to arrive.

All it takes is a simple logging into a bingo gaming account for any given bingo player to be able to let loose and let those bingo playing good times begin.


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