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How does one have a serious debate with up to 3,500 members?

22 November, 2018

• WE are faced with a proposal that instead of being an outward-facing, active, party we should abandon our current structure (involving delegates from all branches to our GC) for All-Member Meetings (AMMs).

This kind of structure might work well for small, struggling parties. But how does one have a serious debate with up to 3,500 members?

Worse still, no one who attends one AMM is obliged to turn up to the next one. There can be no continuity of discussion, no commitment to carrying a strategy forward.

What is likely is that the real work will be delegated to the executive, a far smaller number of members than our current GC, which regularly brings together 100 people or more.

How does turning the real power over to a smaller group of people count as a move towards greater democracy?

At a time we should be fighting Brexit, homeless­ness and Universal Credit, we are spending our time and energy on an internal debate!

Cantelowes Labour Party


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