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How Genesis slammed the door shut on Carolyn

19 April, 2018

Carolyn Mandelson, who set up a tent and protest placards in Pratt Street in an eviction protest

• YOUR report provided valuable feedback on what happens when irresponsible landlords continue to sell to “sub-prime” customers, despite the savage warnings of 2008 and the subsequent crash in the economy of much of the world, (Woman’s eviction threat street protest, April 12).

It’s all about selfishness since the landlords and bankers do just fine. I would contest the statements in the last paragraph since I was negotiating at a high level the evening before Carolyn Mandelson’s eviction, and some of these points came up.

I said that what I was being told was not consistent and, being cleared to speak on her behalf, wanted details. Suddenly, when it suited Genesis, confidentiality kicked in and they slammed the door shut.

Since she was sitting on the pavement outside their front doors, I suggested that they phone her mobile and sort out the issue or invite her up. This was refused.

Further issues cropped up, and four or five times, I challenged Genesis’s David Morrissey to phone her and sort it out. He refused.

The ongoing struggle to get service charge invoices has just been halted by Genesis because Carolyn has been evicted. Probably this is actually why they needed to evict her – a vain attempt to shut down her struggle for details over the last 10 years.

Service charges are the next PPI scandal. The often ridiculous level of charges and failure to justify under Section 22 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 mean that this matter, which applies to a huge number of people who do not even realise it, will run and run, possibly for 10 or 15 years.

I trust that Kate Davies, the new chief executive of the merged housing association, Notting Hill Genesis, has made provision in her accounts. I doubt it.



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