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How Labour suffered with its leaders

10 January, 2020

• THE Labour Party suffered badly after Ed Miliband was chosen as its leader in preference to his elder brother David.

Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s colourful background Labour chose him as leader. His autocratic stance added to the slide of the party.

This was reflected in the catastrophic failure in the December election; a collective failure owing to myriad of ultra-left policies, mainly nationalisation.

Voters are not stupid. They rejected not only Corbyn but also his shadow cabinet ministers, Sir Keir Starmer included.

Although Robert Latham (Starmer is the best candidate for the new party leader, January 2) did not specifically say why Corbyn, Miliband, Brown, Kinnock, Foot, Callaghan and Gaitskell failed, in my opinion they failed because the party tried similar policies expecting a different result.

The next leader should be a woman. Among those who did not share the stance of Corbyn is Lisa Nandy MP from the north where Labour got such a drubbing.



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