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How odd and blinkered the Conservatives are

31 May, 2018

• WHAT odd people Tories are, and how weirdly blinkered. Take Cllr Maria Higson, whose May 24 letter (I was disappointed to see the letter making a baseless attack on elected councillors) emphasises her “proud and vocal” feminism, mentions a “kinder and gentler politics”, points out her voluntary work among the homeless, and being a Royal Free governor!

Her failed candidate colleagues are working-class! Virtues indeed. She reads like a socialist.

Unfortunately I don’t recall a more comprehensive and devastating assault on the rights of women than has been carried out by her Conservative government, from the near eradication of Sure Start, the virtual destruction of social security, the child benefit cap, the benefit cap generally which has led to untold thousands of women forcibly moved miles from their homes.

I don’t recall any time in my life when the streets were littered with the very homeless people Cllr Higson purports to help, and whose predicament has been directly caused by her party’s policies. Oh, and as a governor of the Royal Free, what has she to say about the sale of the nurses’ home (another good ol’ Conservative principle: the hell with the nurses, just look at the money, the loverly money!).

I’m sure Cllr Higson has some genuine grievances against her opponents. But do not expect understanding, or empathy, not from me. She is a Tory, and Camden is far better represented without her failed colleagues, and doesn’t need her either.

Somers Town


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