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How the system allows a death in the doorway

08 November, 2018

A sign marking the man’s death near the Roundhouse music venue in Chalk Farm 

• A PITIFUL ignorance of an “economic” system that omits the fundamental purpose of our innovations and condemns a middle-aged man to die in a doorway, is severe indeed, (Homeless man found dead in Chalk Farm doorway, November 1).

That this happened in our neighbourhood, yards from an £11million house, gives rise to intolerable antagonisms and an urgent need for action.

Waiting for governments or economists to tackle these extremes and nurture economy, goodwill, sufficiency, appreciation, etc, has proved wasteful.

The quality of “aliveness”, known to us all, has a wondrously beautiful, rhythmically regulated economy at its centre. Measured and visible improvements are necessary.

Relying on money as a standard for the value of everything has become not merely inefficient, but brutally harmful.

We have the faculty to overcome our differences and antagonisms, in a way that allows for mutual enjoyment – and a playing field that could be more equal.



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