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How to be really radical: introduce low-traffic neighbourhoods

19 October, 2018

• RADICAL is not a word normally used to describe Islington Council transport policy, but environment chief Councillor Claudia Webbe called for a “a far more radical” safety strategy around St John Street, (Cyclist deaths: ‘radical’ pledge to close roads, October 5). This is long awaited and very good news. However actions speak louder than words.

The Evening Standard has revealed that the City of London might usher in a “world-class” street scene. Vehicles would be banned from about half of the roads in the Square Mile. How wonderful for City employees!

Not only does this put two fingers up at Westminster’s cars-everywhere policy, but it turns up the pressure on Islington. Why would a progressive business want to locate in south Islington if it could afford to rent office space in a “pedestrian priority” zone in the City?

Next month, Islington will be consulting on a new transport strategy (according to the council website). Will it be another 110 pages of waffle or a really strong policy document with targets and a clear and unambiguous commitment to low-traffic neighbourhoods. We shall see.

Highbury Grove, N5


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