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HS2 call for a ‘tree champion’ is hypocritical

10 August, 2017

HS2: delivering ‘destruction and deforestation’

• I HAVE only just learnt that HS2, which is carrying out mass deforestation all over the country, has a so-called “tree panel” that meets once a month (that no one seems to know about).

However there is only one token member of the community on the panel, who is representing the whole of Camden and its people who will be so badly affected by the felling of these trees. How undemocratic is that?

And a further PR stunt states that HS2 are looking for “a tree champion”! What hypocrites when, meanwhile, they are callously destroying so many of our life-giving forests and woods.

It is imperative we establish whether the work being carried out by HS2 against the people – destruction, deforestation, and illegal pollution – is lawful?

Lastly, with HS2 being the most expensive train on Earth, I would question whether we can afford the newly-estimated cost of £111billion of taxpayers’ money for something that nobody wants, is flawed, ill-planned, badly designed, and already an obsolete white elephant that will only benefit the few not the many.

Parliament Hill Fields, NW5


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