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HS2 has no interest in stopping hardship

08 March, 2018

How Euston could look

• THE plans for Euston station are not a great surprise, but they leave me with a feeling of déjà vu, (HS2 and the great £4bn property bonanza, March 1).

Many readers will remember Transport for London’s plans to rebuild Camden Town tube station – which are apparently likely to be revived in some form. TfL hoped to build a multi-storey block above the station and HS2 propose to do the same above the rebuilt Euston.

When the outline for the new Euston was first published the intention to build above the station was not stated, but was obvious. Why else construct the tracks over such a wide frontage?

The concourse will be even wider than the current one. If it was built on two or more levels, like St Pancras and many rebuilt foreign stations, it would be more convenient for passengers and could have a narrower frontage than at present.

This would require the new HS2 line to be constructed beneath the current tracks right into Euston station. The concourse of the current station is well above street level, so this should be possible.

Demolition of buildings in the area would be unnecessary, meaning that there would be no need to evict existing householders and businesses.

HS2 have no interest in reducing hardship. They want to build a major commercial development on the site to reduce the cost of the new lines into Euston.

We were successful in stopping TfL’s plans for Camden Town. Surely we can also halt this even more monstrous proposal?

Regent’s Park Road, NW1


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