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HS2 is post-truth decision-making

02 March, 2017

• HS2 is the most obvious instance in Britain of post-truth political decision-making.

It doesn’t work, is intellectually indefensible, has no popular support and is needlessly damaging to very large numbers of people.

A wide range of well-informed reports from responsible bodies, and damning media coverage, has made this abundantly clear.

Campaigners opposed to the project have demonstrated time and again HS2’s flawed assumptions and its failure to consult and engage meaningfully with communities affected by its plans.

None of this has stopped this grotesque and hugely expensive project.

Assertion has replaced rational examination. When Theresa May apparently thought of scrapping it, she was told “it was too late”.

It’s on unstoppable autopilot and about to crash on Camden, whose residents will suffer 20 years of uncompensated blight and heavily increased pollution.

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