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HS2’s impact on our lives is only just beginning…

04 January, 2019

• BY the time you read this the Gloucester Gate to Regent’s Park Outer Circle (at the top of Albany Street) will be shut – for several months.

The first that the community knew of it was less than one month earlier at the Euston Community Representative Group meeting. For much of the affected Primrose Hill community it was news to them at the Gloucester Avenue Association meeting with HS2 on December 19.

We’re told that the closure is necessary because of complications with the relocation of the Thames Water main that had not originally been envisaged. But it has been judged by HS2 against its “risk management” criteria to be necessary.

This is typical of the contempt and lack of regard for Camden’s residents consistently for years displayed to us by HS2. Back on December 5 you may recall that there was a burst water main on Hampstead Road which diverted all buses for a couple of days.

In consequence Eversholt Street became a parking lot. HS2 do not seem to grasp the consequences of their road closures. Can you imagine the havoc that will ensue from their planned closure of Hampstead Road both ways for a whole month to replace the rail bridge over the Euston main line?

That too was not envisaged in the Environmental Statement, which forecast keeping one lane open at all times. HS2’s impact on our lives is only just beginning and it will, if plans proceed as HS2 intends, disrupt our lives for more than a decade.

A high price for our residents for a train set that seemingly only the three major political parties want. Out of touch with their voters, or what?

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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