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Hunting down WitchHunt

09 May, 2019 — By John Gulliver

Alexei Sayle

THERE’S nothing like a banned film to attract me to a cinema.

So, I attended, along with 300 other people, a film show at the Regent Street cinema, West End, on Tuesday evening of a film, WitchHunt, which investigates the stories behind the headlines of anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

The film, by Jon Pullman, had been backed by Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Miriam Margolyes and Alexei Sayle, who, presumably, helped to pay for the screening.

Labour MP Chris Adamson booked a hall in the Commons to show the film – and it was banned, leading, apparently, to his suspension from the party. The film’s title seems to fit the internecine atmosphere in the Labour Party over anti-semitism.

In some way the film touches a raw nerve but disappoints a little by concentrating on, probably, the unfair suspension of veteran member Jackie Walker, with too little about the scores who have been suspended, even expelled from the party over alleged anti-semitism. One or two actually lost their jobs, for instance Stan Keable at Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

In all my professional life I must admit I have never met anti-semitism in the Labour Party, or other mainstream parties, which means I have either missed the tell-tale signs or someone is up to no good.


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