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I am uneasy about the security and safety aspects of this plan

15 October, 2021

• I ATTENDED a security and safety focus group for the O2 Centre development and I am left feeling very uneasy. The security arrangements on this massive site have not been thought through sufficiently by Landsec.

They are relying on “overlooking” from the residential blocks rather too much. During the hours of midnight and 6am there is no security provision whatsoever.

They will have one concierge in one block at a desk 24/7 but this can be very far from a woman being raped in the lateral park at 1am as she walks home from, for example, her shift at the Royal Free Hospital. They talked about “feeling” safe and not about actually being safe.

We were given no fire plan for the site. Where will fire engines get their water? Will all materials on site be fire-proof? How do the engines access the site? How many engines can?

Heaven preserve us from Grenfell ever, happening again. There was a fire in the new buildings on Heritage Square and the firefighters had to get their water from across West End Lane.

When will we see developments that are not simply about a profit for developers and that start to take the human beings who live on and around these sites into account, looking after their welfare and safety?



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