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I fear the risks associated with mobile phone masts

10 May, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• A NEW planning application similar to the one proposed for Monmouth House on the Raglan estate, Kentish Town, has been made for the residential block where I live in Holborn, (We need action on mobile phone mast location, May 2).

My block also overlooks a primary school and a children’s nursery and both have rooftop play areas within close range of the proposed masts – Christopher Hatton Primary School and The 1a Children’s Centre.

As a resident of the building I have deep concerns regarding the possible health risks to those living in the building and the children who attend the facilities close by.

I urge those affected to contact the Camden planning officer in order to voice their concerns. The applicants – Luminet Solutions Ltd – claim that there is no firm evidence of health risks associated with mobile phone masts.

But this is not the same as saying that they pose no long-term health risks and I am particularly concerned as seven masts will be installed at low elevation directly above the room that I live and sleep in!

Mullen Tower, WC1


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