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I hold the council responsible for anti-social behaviour on our estate

09 August, 2018

• THE other night I witnessed the murder of an innocent cat on Saint Paul’s Crescent, on the Maiden Lane estate in Camden Town.

Anti-social behaviour by young men on our estate has become worse in recent months. After building millionaires’ row on the York Way side of the estate, the council thought it would be a good idea to employ security and rid that part of the estate of young people hanging about.

This has resulted in them being moved to the poor part of the estate in Saint Paul’s Crescent. Night after night we witness, and are disturbed by, young men on mopeds charging up and down the road, often arguing with each other and being as loud as they wish to.

Who in their right mind would go out to confront a group of young men behaving aggressively? Often this results in difficulty for cars trying to get down the narrow road which is St Paul’s Crescent.

An accident waiting to happen, we have been saying, and tonight it claimed its first victim. A car sped up after getting past the young men, probably out of frustration, hitting a cat and not stopping. The cat died instantly.

I hold the council fully responsible for this due to its failure to tackle anti-social behaviour by young men on our estate. They know there is a problem with mopeds. Late at night the road is taken over.

And crime and anti-social behaviour is being normalised on our estate. All there for the next generation to see that this is acceptable. I hope that the body of the cat will be reunited with its owner.



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