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I hope we can save Tricycle theatre’s name

19 April, 2018

• THE Tricycle theatre is to be renamed The Kiln without consultation with the loyal patrons, (Protests over plan to change Tricycle theatre’s name to The Kiln, April 19).

Apart from being a ridiculous name, conjuring up pictures of Stoke-on-Trent and the Potteries, it bears no relation to the theatre.

I have patronised this theatre since its beginnings when Ken Chubb moved his touring Tricyle Theatre Company to Forresters Hall, transforming it into an intimate, cosy and successful theatre.

Nick Kent followed Ken, directing many political plays which were huge successes along with other productions, many of which transferred to the West End.

The theatre was destroyed by a fire during Nick’s reign, closing it for about a year. He knew how loved the auditorium was so had it renovated back to its original form.

Nick was also responsible for the cinema, one of the best, showing many avant-garde films including all live performances from The National, RSC and other West End theatres. I hope artistic director Indhu Rubasingham is not planning to close it.

There was no need to change the theatre’s name. I tremble at the thought of how much this change must have cost and just hope it will not affect the cost of seat prices. Kilburn is not the West End and prices must reflect this.

There is talk of a petition being set up in the hopes that we might save The Tricycle name. You could even write to Ms Rubasingham urging her to rethink her decision.



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