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I was misrepresented

12 November, 2020

• I WAS quoted for a story which went out online under the headline “Heads: Schools must stay open for second lockdown – Camden branch of union in favour of staying open.” (November 5).

This misrepresents what I told your newspaper. I specifically said that Camden National Education Union had not taken a position, so to say that we’re in favour of schools staying open is not correct. What I said was that “there are a lot of our members who don’t agree with closing”.

I also didn’t say that a majority of our members felt safe in schools, I instead said that I had recently done a survey of all our members in which a majority of responses told me they felt safe. This is not the same thing.

Please ensure in future that you keep to your usual high standards, in order to keep Camden residents (who include parents of the children we teach) up to date and avoid the temptation to sensationalise with headlines that don’t necessarily represent the story being reported.

Camden NEU Secretary


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