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I was OK for a Green Homes grant but apparently not the insulation work

26 February, 2021

• A FEW months ago a lady from Islington Council rang. Would I be interested in getting my home insulated?

Of course I would, it’s been like sitting on the steppes of Eurasia during the recent cold spell. I qualified for a Green Homes grant because I’m a pensioner with low income.

Two nice chaps turned up from a company called Q-Bot and told me that they would be able to do the insulation but they would have to take down the plasterboard in the cellar to do it. But they wouldn’t put it back up again and would have to ask the council to do that.

A week later I got an email from the Green Homes people at the council telling me my home is not suitable for insulation.

No, that’s not true. My home is eminently suitable but someone has decided that I am not worth the few quid it would cost to put the plasterboard back.

What I’d like to know is why the council entered into a deal with Q-Bot which allows them to walk away from a half-finished job? And why is the council unwilling to reinstate the plasterboard?

Surely it’s in their interest for me to have a warmer home and lower fuel usage, in accordance with the council’s green credentials. Why did they ever bother offering the insulation; it just got my hopes up for nothing.



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