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If a simple road job is done like this, what hope HS2?

31 July, 2020

Lack of professionalism: Road markings at the bus stop in Regent’s Park Road

• AS many residents may have noticed there have been major disruptions on Regent’s Park Road as a result of extensive road works.

The majority of resident bays have been suspended and a three-way traffic light system had been installed with faulty sequencing.

I have witnessed many vehicles (including the 274 bus) ignoring the red light assuming the green light would never come.

The noise disturbance has been excessive commencing every day from 8am including at weekends. Industrial machinery was being used to cut large channels along a section of the road.

Towards the end of week one, I was pleased to note the contractors had filled the channels and were removing their barriers. My pleasure was short-lived as the very next morning the entire set of channels was re-excavated.

I asked why, and was informed simply that the last work “was carried out by a different company!”

On returning from work that evening I was greeted with the sight of thousands of gallons of water running through the excavated channels resembling a river.

I asked again, only to be told: “We are waiting for Thames Water.”

A second full week of disruptions and noise ensued until the work moved further along Regent’s Park Road.

A perfect example of the lack of professionalism of the contractors and supervisors is how the road marking were redrawn at the bus stop (see above).

If a simple job like this cannot be carried out in a professional manner, what hope is there for the HS2?



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