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If Sir Keir Starmer had been leader at the election the result would have been very different

17 January, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer

• CLEM Alford (There’s a clique that lives in a north London bubble, January 9) makes nasty, vicious, and scurrilous comments about Sir Keir Starmer that are grossly unfair and misleading.

I was pleased to see Martin Plaut’s contrasting comments (Have your say in Labour’s future) placed alongside it.

Sir Keir is a very decent human being who has sympathy for both sides of the Brexit argument, but like many others he and I would like to have seen another referendum, with the true implications published, primarily because the lying and exaggerated claims of savings by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are totally false, as has been seen already.

Almost every business, major and minor, is against it for a very good reason; business means jobs and that, surely, is more important than anything else to those living north of Watford Gap.

The threats of car manufacturers moving away with huge job losses, there and in the supply chains, are very real and if the full truth had been told about Brexit the referendum result would have been very different.

It was simply lost in the gross and obscene cover up by those politicos in the know – remember “Bugger Business”? So much for Clem Alford’s so-called “democracy”. I have also heard Sir Keir speaking in support of the fight against HS2 in Camden.

His style and experienced background in law and politics would make him an excellent party leader and should appeal to all elements of the party if they – particularly the Momentum crowd – are serious about getting back into power.

To do so the party has to appeal to a broad cross-section of the community, not just those on the extreme left, and that is why they lost.

While Jeremy Corbyn is no doubt a sensitive, kind and decent man, he seemed to have no sense of leading the party in forceful speeches and failed by trying to outdo the Tories in grossly unrealistic promises of unlimited expenditure which everyone knew would be impossible.

Even the Tories under Johnson seem to have lost their senses by contrast with previous governments and Treasury restrictions, promising all sorts of wildly optimistic achievements.

When I see their promises about social housing, homelessness and social care implemented I might believe it.

Meanwhile I fully support Sir Keir’s bid to become party leader. If he had been so at the last election the results would undoubtedly have been very different, and his huge local majority speaks for itself.



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