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If viewers are struggling with Freeview programmes, this is what to do

12 April, 2018

• MANY New Journal readers will be experiencing the problem I have had in receiving some TV programmes such as Al Jazeera since about March 24.

This has not been widely publicised and it has taken me more than two hours on the telephone to Freeview to make some progress in sorting it out.

So for those who rely on Freeview, have their own aerial, and no provider other than Freeview, either do an internet search of such as “Londoners struggle with Freeview frequency changes” or, you can follow the advice there by ringing Freeview’s free number, 0808 100 0288.

Tell them that since about March 24 there are programmes you can no longer view. They may insist that you do what is called a “full factory reset,” which they should help with.

That might do the trick but probably not… in which case, they should send someone round to look at your aerial and move or replace it, free. Persistence may be needed!

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