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If you go down to the woods today…

29 March, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Jeannie and Lunita (right) enjoying the woodland space

THE Highbury Fields Woodlands Area is looked after by green-fingered neighbours, Jeannie Burnett and Lunita Williams, and has a wild space for butterflies, a wood pile for mini beasts and a small pond for birds to drink from and bath in.

Jeannie, who founded the garden eight years ago, said she wanted to make use of the disused space. She said: “The strawberries are incredible. You get a buzz off of small things.”

The garden is used by school children and local disabled groups. Jeannie cut down a tree in her own back garden and made tree stumps for children to sit in.

“It gives them great joy,” said Lunita Williams, from Canonbury, who gives up three to four hours a week tending to the shrubs. “It is marvellous. I totally love it. I have a real sense of belonging in the community. People stop and say hello.”

Lunita found out about the garden after Jeannie printed a piece in a Highbury newsletter asking for help five years ago. They hope to organise mindful- ness sessions in the garden – the practice of focusing on the present moment.

“It would be a lovely way to use the space,” said Lunita.


Can you help find streetwise Boots?

Five-year-old Boots has been missing since February

A woman in Highbury is calling on her neighbours to look out for her beloved cat.

Boots is five years old and was last seen at 6pm on February 18.

His owner, who has put up posters around the borough, said: “He is a strong cat with a good coat. He was like a streetwise, sensible kid. It’s such a shock he’s gone missing. He is white around the mouth and has a distinctive black nose. He has a white belly, a white neck and four white paws.

“I’ve walked miles every day with determination to find him. I’ve knocked on doors and I’ve joined every group. I know there are good people out there and hopefully someone can help.”

If you have seen Boots, please contact the Tribune on 020 7419 9000.

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