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I’ll give £25 to charity if Lib Dems win seat

17 May, 2019

Sir Vince Cable in Highbury

• THE Liberal Dem­ocrats have accepted my payment for a copy of their European manifesto 2019. I got the limited edition. Limited by lack of ambition or lack of demand, who knows?

Six-and-a-half quid should be a significant boost to party funds – enough to sign up two people to the Labour Party with ten bob change. Brexit Party membership costs £25, which goes to show you do have to pay for quality.

It is sad to witness how far the Liberal Party has fallen. Liberal campaigner Richard Cobden is credited with achieving the repeal of the Corn Laws (that’s a tariff, the same as EU farm policy/customs union). The Manchester Guardian, which had campaigned for years, celebrated ecstatically.

Campbell-Bannerman won a huge victory defeating a Tory Party bent on Imperial Preference (that’s a customs union). Asquith and Lloyd George achieved social reform, constitutional reform and brought the country successfully through the Great War.

How has this once-great party been reduced to a branch of the Sex Pistols Fan Club? “Never Mind Democracy, here’s the Lib Dems.”

It has to be a first when the party leader is ashamed of the manifesto and tries to obscure it. Vince Cable said: “There’s something called humour”, a cheeky reference to Change UK? They are not capable of taking the matter seriously and they should because democracy demands respect.

As for the claim that “there was a lot of support for the Liberal Democrats” (Lib Dems can be a force again, vows Sir Vince, May 10). Well, they have just one MEP and, locally, the message we have is the memory of when they ran things, hence not a single councillor any more.

It’s time for these superannuated protectionists to retire to their 70s record collections. I will pay £25 to any charity nominated by Nick Wakeling if the Liberal Democrats win even one seat on May 23 (Polls chance to send a message that we’re committed to the EU, May 10). Alternatively, if he so chooses, I will pay for him to join the Brexit Party.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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