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‘Immersive’ theatre bid for Camden market site

Brains behind The Great Gatsby show head to NW1

05 November, 2020

The Great Gatsby has been a roaring success

AN “immersive” theatre company which won rave reviews for its West End production of The Great Gatsby has set its sights on a new venue in Camden Town.

Hartshorn-Hook have asked council officials to approve plans for a conversion of units in the Stables Market.

If allowed, the first floor of the listed Horse Hospital building will become a space for performances.

Downstairs will have a restaurant and bar.

The company has been running The Great Gatsby for the past year at a venue in Mayfair. Audiences walk around, often dressed up themselves, and feel part of the show as the action unfolds around them.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the show has been reset as an Art Deco masquerade ball with all “high risk” elements of the performance removed. Among its other hits, the company also had success in London with an immersive version of The Wolf Of Wall Street.

“Immersive theatre is one of the fastest growing forms of art and live experience in the world and the UK is at the forefront of the movement,” the planning application said. “These events involve building detailed worlds that the audience can explore.

Shows feature multiple rooms, sometimes even huge landscapes, with working features and amenities.” It said the site in Camden Town would host “industry-leading” productions.

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