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Is it time to bring back the death penalty for murder?

04 July, 2019

• WITH 314 recorded murders in the country during 2018 and murders in London reaching 50 plus, it is quite clear there is no deterrent to the crime.

And that the police are finding it very difficult to cope, taking into account the loss of experienced detectives especially in the capital.

The perpetrators on conviction get a mandatory life sentence but are normally released from prison after the minimum term set by the trial judge.

However the victims and their families get a whole term sentence. Also, there is a cost involved retaining an individual behind bars for several years.

Can the country afford this cost? And one must include the argument that our prisons are overcrowded.

Restoring the death penalty would give justice to families of the deceased, save the country a great deal of money and ease the overcrowding in the prisons.

Retired Detective Sergeant


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