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Is the Camden High Street seagull to blame for messy pavements?

'There is a very determined seagull up there. It wants to eat everything.'

01 June, 2019 — By Richard Osley

The seagull who businesses say is a regular around the southern end of the High Street

IT may be 70 miles to the south coast and Brighton Pier, where unsuspecting visitors are regularly robbed of their chips by some of the most ruthless thieves in the sky.

But over the years seagulls have occasionally swapped ocean views for the grititer, urban landscapes of London.

And one in particular, a white-feathered bird seen watching over Camden High Street in recent weeks, seems to be loving the metropolitan life. So much so that it has taken to ripping open business waste bags around the junction with Plender Street at the end of the working day, and zeroing in on any takeaway rubbish.

“People think we are dumping stuff all over the place, but it is this seagull, the same one I’m sure, flying in and making a mess everywhere,” said the owner of one Camden Town food outlet, who said small businesses should not take the blame for messy streets. If it can’t lift up whatever it’s got, it just drops it everywhere. I’ve seen people complaining that it’s businesses not behaving well – or they say it’s foxes, but there is a very determined seagull up there. It wants to eat everything.”

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