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It appears that some women are more equal than others…

18 April, 2019

Women’s Equality Party candidates at next year’s Assembly elections

• WHAT hypocrisy from the Women’s Party to include “equality” in their name, (Women who are challenging two-party politics, April 12).

Are any of their candidates for the London Assembly elections of Irish descent, or have the largest ethnic minority community in Britain again been sidelined?

Their co-founder, Sandi Toksvig, did not appear to object to the inclusion of Jeremy Clarkson on BBC TV’s QI.

As the prog­ramme’s chairperson, she could have refused to appear with Clarkson as he had recently racially abused and attacked Irishman Oisin Tymon.

Despite the race and equality acts, the BBC employ very few Irish staff. She had a chance to stand up to racism and a chance to stand up for the equality of Irish staff within the BBC.

By inviting Clarkson back, the BBC made it clear that Irish staff are of no value and do not deserve respect or protection. Ms Toksvig chose to participate in this slap in the face to the Irish community.

This women party was founded in 2015, and yet missed the racist, sexist attack on the intelligence of Irish women in the BBC’s News Quiz of May 2017.

Despite edit facilities being available, the programme was broadcast with the offensive segment included and then, still intact, rebroadcast 24 hours later!

It appears that to the Women’s “Equality” Party, all women are equal but some are more equal than others.



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