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It can’t be left to police to decide which laws to enforce

09 February, 2018

• THE new policy advising officers not to investigate what they consider lower-level crime is very shortsighted.

Crime was rampant in New York during the 1980s. I spoke to New Yorkers who would not go into no-go areas.

Criminologists told police to have a no-tolerance policy towards so-called petty crime, and it became a safer, nicer city with crime falling.

Police correctly concluded that small crimes going uninvestigated led to criminals progressing to more serious crimes. Finsbury Park is rampant with stealing and shoplifting.

Staff, many of them lone females, are intimidated and verbally abused by thieves who know the police will not intervene.

Of course, the Met must ration its resources but when Mayor Sadiq Khan says: “The police are now candid with you.” It means: thefts and house-breaking? That’s your problem.

I don’t think police should decide which laws to enforce or ignore, without public consent.

Manor Road, N16


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