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It would be great to see the fountain area come alive again

17 September, 2020

Streatery in South End Green

• I AM afraid I disagree with Dr C Murray’s narrow view of “Does Starbuck’s need more tables?”, (Letters, September 10).

He is missing the point: yes the 168 has to go around Agincourt Road and Fleet Road but only as a temporary measure to accommodate the streatery.

The streatery is a great success, full of diners every day, and we must work to continue this environmental success by permanently paving the slip road. How wonderful it would be to see the fountain area come alive again.

In the permanent solution the 168 bus can easily fit in with the 24 on the cobbled area contrary to every one hanging on to some unproven decree saying no.

The old 187 used to sit there quite happily and the trolleybuses were quite happy in front of the public toilets (which unfortunately is not possible in the new scheme).

A mini-roundabout at this junction will work wonders even if a corner of the green will need to be trimmed off.

This will enable the 168 to enter the cobbled parking and then zoom up Pond Street on its return journey without bothering to do the “extra kilometre.” Around Agincourt.

This is why we must demonstrate that the slip road will reduce the pollution and blight of the 168 outside Starbucks and provide all of us with a fountain piazza we will all be proud of.

Chair, South End Green Association


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