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It’s absurd to be thinking of disrupting young people’s education

28 November, 2019

Carlton Primary School

• IN support of Sir Michael Palin’s letter (Carlton is a hugely impressive school – think again, November 21) can I add that at a time of deep crisis among young people in the borough, with deaths a weekly occurrence, it is absurd that councillors, or more likely the council officers who regard councillors as their sock puppets, should be thinking of disrupting young people’s education by closing neighbourhood?

It is barely a year since a flagship report on the future of youth in Camden under the names of Sir Keir Starmer MP and Cllr Abdul Hai was launched with great brouhaha and a raft of community conversations.

The support and continuity of schools close to where young people are growing up are vital elements in creating a positive pathway for succeeding generations.

Camden Council needs to think again, and elected councillors need to close their ears to opportunist cash calls from within the council bureaucracy in service of a higher need for the communities who elect them.

Gospel Oak Safer Neighbourhood Panel


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