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It’s not too late to scrap the £80bn HS2 project

09 August, 2018

• HOW admirable of Sir Keir Starmer and his co-signatories to demand higher compensation for Londoners affected by the proposed HS2 route, (We call on HS2 to withdraw this inadequate compensation scheme, August 2).

But it would be better still to try to obtain a non-political parliamentary majority completely to cancel this disgraceful project, even though it is currently recommended by both main parties. A (necessarily) leaked report now puts its estimated cost at £80bn, and no doubt rising – money which could be spent elsewhere.

This project is for something which allegedly would save only a few minutes to get from London to Birmingham, or vice versa, and would presumably be used only by the wealthy or by business executives putting their expenses down to the rest of us.

It seems Michael Gove is currently the only member of the cabinet who wishes to cancel this absurd vanity project and spend the money saved on desperately needed items elsewhere. Surely it is not too late to persuade enough MPs to overturn this proposed enterprise by means of a non-political parliamentary vote.

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