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It’s the delivery lorries not the taxis!

11 July, 2019

HGV delivery lorries causing noise and lung pollution by idling

• ON the day my letter was published in the New Journal (We need action now on diesel pollution, July 4), reporting how neither Camden Council nor Camden’s spokesperson for the environment, Cllr Adam Harrison, has taken any action against idling lorries (particularly in the taxi rank in Coram Street), I found the taxi stand sign by Coram Street resting on the side of the street.

Whereas before vandals had been merely turned the sign around, this time it has been completely removed from its post but remains intact – meaning its removal was deliberate.

To be clear, the sign reads: “Stand for 4 Taxis. Hours of operation: 24 hours. Taxis to switch off engines whilst waiting on the rank”.

As stated on a number of occasions, it’s not the taxis that are the problem, causing noise and lung pollution by idling, it’s the HGV delivery lorries that repeatedly park in the rank, one of which is a repeat offender.

Will Transport for London replace the sign? Will Cllr Harrison start behaving in a way descriptive of his title as environmental spokesperson for Camden? Will Camden’s environmental health department take any action at all to put this right? If we only could by wait and see.



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