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It’s time for pedestrians to stand up and be counted

17 September, 2020

• I FULLY agree with Brian Lake when he writes that pedestrians are being completely ignored, (On the roads, pedestrians are bottom of the pile, September 10).

The major road works in St Giles, Bloomsbury, for the so-called West End project, mean that to get from Great Russell Street to Endell Street, that is, from my office to the Oasis swimming pool, usually a five-minute walk, now takes me at least 20 minutes, because Eurovia Contractors have made no provision for pedestrians at all.

When planning major works all planners and contractors need to consider the needs of everyone. We are being encouraged to walk but cars and cycles take precedence over the humble pedestrians all the time. I urge other pedestrians to speak up.

Great Russell Street, WC1


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