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It’s time to plug the police funding gap

30 July, 2021

‘We need urgently to repair the damage Conservative government cuts have done to community policing’

• ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour has rocketed in Westminster and elsewhere over the last year and offences range from people using and dealing drugs, fly-tipping, vandalism, and threatening behaviour.

The worrying increase in anti-social behaviour comes off the back of new figures showing a gaping £1.6billion police funding gap in 2021 compared with 2010.

We support Labour’s safer communities campaign which pledges:

• A new £283million fund to tackle anti-social behaviour, redirected from the prime minister’s vanity yacht project. The additional funding could be used to pay for more police officers and PCSOs or to pay for additional CCTV.

• Strengthening of legal protections for victims of anti-social behaviour to give victims of persistent, unresolved, anti-social behaviour the same rights that Labour is proposing to enshrine for victims of crime.

• Proposals to end violence against women and girls, including increasing sentences for rape and stalking, reviewing sentencing for all domestic abuse, and better support for victims of rape and sexual violence.

Anti-social behaviour can make people’s lives a misery. We need urgently to repair the damage Conservative government cuts have done to community policing, as well as reverse the decision by Westminster City Council to slash funding for youth clubs.

We can make a start by scrapping the Conservative plan to spend £283million on a new yacht vanity project and instead use that money on increasing the number of police on the streets of Westminster and elsewhere.

Labour City Management Spokesperson
City Hall, Victoria Street, SW1


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