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It’s time to rethink the renaming of The Tricycle Theatre

26 April, 2018

• I AM at a loss as to why such a visible and distinctive brand as The Tricycle Theatre has been dropped (in the face of apparent widespread local bewilderment and opposition) in favour of a new name which will itself likely require the diversion of presumably hard-pressed funding in order to support the rebrand with an effective and sustained comms campaign, (Protests over plan to change Tricycle theatre’s name to The Kiln, April 19).

The Tricycle brand is distinctive, emotionally engaging, and will likely have widespread (local and beyond) recognition, familiarity, favourability and, in addition, considerable respect within a broader entertainment and media industry.

It almost feels as if one of the excellent past triumphs of the Tricycle, namely The Great Game, is being played out again to suit some misjudged politically-correct sentiment which will likely result in a lower profile, conflicting stakeholder reaction, and be a needless drain on funding which would otherwise go into productions and diverse artistic endeavour.

There’s always room for a rethink. Remember Royal Mail to Consignia back to Royal Mail!



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