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Jeremy Corbyn is set for an upset in his own constituency

20 September, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• JEREMY Corbyn will never become prime minister if he fails to be re-elected as MP.

I am standing against him to defeat his so-called sensible position, because it is in direct contrast to the huge support for remain among Islington North voters.

This is the electorate that voted 78.4 per cent for remain in 2016; the fourth highest remain vote in the country.

In 2017 these voters gave him the benefit of the doubt on Brexit but since then he has continued to take them for granted.

As a result, the people of Islington North increasingly see his position on Brexit as frustrating, not sensible.

They have been let down for too long and have had enough. We saw this when the Liberal Democrats swept in to beat Labour and win Islington with a clear “Stop Brexit” message in the European Parliament elections earlier this year.

In failing to accept that the best deal is to remain and only begrudgingly backing a people’s vote, he is again set for a massive upset.

Unless Jeremy Corbyn starts to listen to his local voters and back remain wholeheartedly, after the next election he may just find himself spending more time with his allotment.

Part of me wonders if, deep down, he wouldn’t really mind.

Liberal Democrat
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Islington North


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