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Jeremy Corbyn struck me as the sort of man who would be last to know…

12 November, 2020

Jeremy Corbyn ‘did almost nothing about anti-Semitism’

• REGARDING Andrew Feinstein’s letter (Jeremy Corbyn is the most anti-racist MP serving in parliament, November 5), how then does he explain the fact that Jeremy Corbyn did almost nothing about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party during his time as leader?

That the Momentum thugs had a high old time during his tenure trying to blur the differences between British Jews and Israeli hawks? And that many British Jews felt harassed and threatened as a result of this?

As for whether or not Corbyn himself is anti-Semitic? I suspect he is guilty of ambivalence. Certainly he made no effort to suppress it, but then again he often struck me as the sort of man who’d be the last to know.

Which probably isn’t ideal for a leader of the Labour Party, let alone a potential prime minister.

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