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Jill sees red over orange bin bags

'Please, dear binmen, make our day': Camden Town resident composes poem about her weekly pilgrimage as she attempts to dispose of household rubbish

02 June, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Jill with one of the offending orange bags

JILL Eckersley goes on a pilgrimage every Thursday morning around six o’clock.

She takes her orange bag full of household rubbish – according to the rules of the council’s new rubbish collection system – out to the street and places it in a black bin, again according to the new rules, outside her Camden Town home.

But nothing happens. It remains uncollected.

So, Jill picks it up and takes it to her back garden waiting for the following week’s collection.

And she has been following this ritual for the past EIGHT weeks!

She has phoned the council every week and emailed the relevant department – but to no avail.

She then goes on another pilgrimage every week – taking the little household rubbish she has accumulated in carrier bags to dump in any litter bin she can find in neighbouring streets.

How many residents are in her position?

She sent me this poem:

Dear Camden binmen, help, I pray
PLEASE take our orange bags away
They’ve festered here since April One
Now steaming in the summer sun!
They Smell! They pong! They start to reek
Neglected for ANOTHER week
I’ve phoned, I’ve emailed, begged and pleaded
Now some common sense is needed
So please, dear binmen, make our day


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