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Jogger goes extra mile to return boy’s lost skullcap

17 November, 2016 — By Ella Jessel

The kippah with Elliot’s mum Frederique Assor, her younger son Emmanuel, and ­Muhammed Abdullah who made a video in an effort to find the owner

A JEWISH boy from Belsize Park has been reunited with a skullcap he lost on his way to synagogue last month after being tracked down by a kind-hearted jogger.

Muhammed Abdullah, 32, of Dunboyne Road, was running in Haverstock Hill when he spotted a kippah, a brimless cloth hat worn by Jews, abandoned on the road.

The kippah had the name of its owner, 15-year-old Elliot Assor, printed inside alongside the date of his Bar Mitzvah ceremony and embroidered initials.

Deciding it likely had sentimental value, Mr Abdullah decided to use his blogging channel to make a video to try and find him.

“I decided to get investigative. I don’t think any mother would want her son to lose such a thing,” he said, adding: “I found Elliot on Facebook and Twitter and I made a Youtube video to try and tell him to get in touch.”

After a few weeks Mr Abdullah had no leads and was even thinking of contacting the tailor in Morocco but then on Sunday he received a call from the boy’s mother.

They met up in Belsize Park where Mr Abdullah was able to return the kippah to the family.

Eliot’s mother, Frederique Assor, praised Mr Abdullah for making the effort to return her son’s property. “It was so sweet. Normally I would never call a stranger but the video was lovely because of the way he presented it. It also has some religious value for this day and age. We are Jewish, he is Muslim and he recognised the religious importance of the kippah. It was amazing.”

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